About us

Grand Rapid’s Neighborhood Districts are thriving! We are in the midst of an exciting movement all across the state to support urbanism, local economies, and entrepreneurial spirit. At Bear Manor, we strongly believe that creating vibrant, diverse communities and strong local economies is vital to the continued sustainable growth of the city of Grand Rapids.

Bear Manor Properties has been renovating and developing residential and commercial projects with a vision for a sustainable urban center since 2004. For us, sustainability means taking responsibility for the impact that our projects have on neighborhoods and the people who live there. From restoring native plant habitats on our properties to building Green buildings; from award winning historic renovations to holding leadership positions in neighborhood advocacy groups, we’re serious about sustainability.

We believe that not only is this the right way to do real estate development, but it also provides Bear Manor with a unique and valuable perspective. We’ve made a commitment to the neighborhoods in which we develop properties. We have insights into what works and whats needed. We’ve been immersed in the dynamism and creative energy thats been the backbone of neighborhood renaissance in Grand Rapids.

Bear Manor brings that sustainable vision, creative perspective and professional experience to every project we do.